We love technology and believe that there is a place for it in every event. Ours is to integrate the latest
technology and equipment to raise each event to new levels. Having many years of experience providing
AV equipment, we can accommodate any scale of the event and/or venue. Our teams have produced
events for many of the top, prestigious brands, delivering their message and inspiring their staff.
All of our equipment is thoroughly tested to guarantee reliability and safety. Our technical support teams
are also fully trained, friendly, and passionate about providing excellent customer service.


We stock up only top brands and state-of-the-art equipment from speakers,
screens, lights, backlines,consoles, mixers, Dj decks, Projectors, laptops,
different types of microphones and so much more.


From a single wireless microphone to a full-line array sound system, Homeboyz is your go-to. When it comes to speakers,We have a wide range of active and passive speakers, from a small system for a party to a line array system for a large-scale event, concert or festival. Our sound department stocks a number of mixing consoles that can be supplied with a selection of stage boxes and multicores if required. If you need a small desk for plugging a laptop into your sound system or a larger desk for mixing a full band, we are sure to have a solution for you.We can also offer numerous recording options from a stereo recording of your event to a full multi-track recording that can be edited and mixed later.
Our extensive stock of microphones and DI boxes can provide a solution for any situation. From vocal to instrument mics, headsets to lapel mics, podium mics we are sure we will be able to offer something that suits your needs.For those situations when a cable isn’t practical, we stock a number of wireless microphone systems, available with handheld or belt pack transmitters.We stock both, wireless and wired in-ear monitors as well as personal mixer systems. If you are unsure which would be most suitable for you, then our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find a system that will work for you.
We have numerous options available. We also have a number of comms systems available to allow technicians and crew to communicate during a show. We can provide anything from a full comms system to a single headset or belt pack.


Looking for a Projector, Plasma Tv. LCD screen, Touch screen TV, or LED Video Wall for hire, our ever-expanding video department has got it covered
Our video department currently stocks a variety of LED panels that can be used to create screens of various shapes and sizes. The LED panels range from indoor and outdoor screens. P2,P4 AND P8 LED Panel Screens. Our panel size ranges according to pixel quality, the P2,P4 size is 0.5m by 0.5m and P8 is 0.64 by 0.64. Drivers and signal distribution are available to suit your requirements.Whether you simply need to plug a laptop into a larger screen or mix between a number of laptops and cameras across multiple screens, we are sure to have a solution to meet your requirements.
No matter how simple or complex your requirements, our expert team will be happy to provide the right advice to help you find what you need. We stock a number of projectors with a range of lenses for long and short-throw applications. Fast-fold screens are also available for hire that can be flown or stand mounted, with optional drape kits. Our hiring team will be happy to help you find the projector and screen that best suits your requirements. We also stock LCD and Plasma TV screens of various sizes, all from quality manufacturers If you need to playback a video or display a presentation, then our video department can provide you with a suitable device to do so. We stock a number of laptops and computers that are suitable for video and audio playback.


We have an extensive inventory when it comes to lighting options, including LED parcans, Strobes, Fresnels, Floodlights, moving heads, lighting towers etc. We also provide haze and smoke effects. From lighting consoles to DMX buffers and ART-Net nodes, we have a number of control solutions from the simplest to the most complex lighting systems. Our lighting hire department stocks a number of lighting desks, from a basic DMX controller for LED colour changes to a large console for controlling moving lights and pixel mapping content. Our lighting hire department stocks a number of moving head fixtures such as the Chauvet R2 Spot, R2 Wash and R1 Beam, as well as the pixel mappable NXT-1. These fixtures can provide movement and gobo effects that can really bring a lighting show to life.
Wash lights are a great way to add colour to a stage or area within an event space. We also stock static LED lighting such as uplighters and battens as well as wireless DMX fixtures.


We can supply indoor and outdoor stages, risers and catwalks. Stage decks are available for hire with, handrails, ramp and steps. Our ever-expanding staging department stocks a modular Prolyte Stagedex system. We stock various deck sizes and leg heights which can be used to create stages of many shapes and sizes. We stock modular steps for our stages that can be joined together to create stairs for stages of different heights. The steps can be fixed to the stage and are available with handrails for additional safety. Our staging department can also supply handrails to provide a safer working area on stages at higher heights
Our equipment is tested thoroughly before every hire.
24/7 backup for all equipment
Equipment demo if required.
Delivery and setup service.
We have hardworking & professional engineers.